Crystal Tapia, LCSW

Crystal M.Tapia, LCSW has been a resident of Las Cruces since 1989. She enjoys the "Land of Enchantment", through the desert byways to the tree tops of the higher forests. Crystal has many areas of experience within the mental health field. She began providing mental health services since 2002 followed by a Clinical Master's degree in Social Work in 2008. Crystal  continues to provide consistent clinical treatment to individuals in the Las Cruces community.

Crystal is passionate about assisting in healing the "Invisible Wounds" in the Land of Enchantment. She has a very enlightening perspective on life, and how precious it is. Her goal in life is to assist other individuals in their personal self-discovery, growth, and recovery.

She looks forward to continuing to provide exceptional services to the Las Cruces community to enhance their quality of life and gain pure clarity.

Crystal Tapia

PTSD Assessment & Treatment

Since 2007 Crystal M. Tapia, LCSW, has been providing clinical PTSD Assessments and Treatment. Multiple treatment modalities implemented due to each individuals needs throughout treatment. Overall expect each session to provide wellness and recovery with different approaches as life demands.

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Mental Health

Beginning in 2002, Crystal M. Tapia, LCSW has been working in the mental health and recovery field. She has worked with adolescents and adults in an individual group and setting to assist in healing the "invisible wounds".

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Journey to Recovery

Crystal offers treatment specific to PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and couple's treatment. She holds couple's sessions to work on balancing life and relationships. Crystal's work focuses on the approach of the "here and now" to allow the journey of recovery to begin to day.

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